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Japan, Hurricane Sandy, and a flooded basement

Posted by Darryl D Robinson on October 31, 2012 at 4:25 PM

  What happens to a nuclear energy plant without electricity?  Hurricane Sandy has ravaged the East coast where there are several nuclear facilities.  The radioactive core is cooled by pumps driven by outside  electricity. If the power goes out there is no electricity to pump water  and cool the core or power sump pumps to stop the rising water. So you are thinking that this has all been thought out right?  Well kind of.  There are diesel generators to supply backup power but not that many.  Some are torn down in rebuild mode and some just aren't working.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission does not require sufficient backup generators be in service.  Why? Yes, you guessed it.  It's all about the money. that it would cost the nuclear facility..  Case in point is Japan.  This exact situation caused a nuclear disaster because the electricity went down, there were not sufficient generators to cool the radioactive material, and no sump pumps to stop the flooding   Well, let's hope it doesn't happen here and in the near future the NRC will mandate suffient diesel backup generators to avert a meltdown.  So before the power goes out  call us to install a battery back up sump pump and avert a 'meltdown' in your basement!

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