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fHow to choose a reverse osmosis system

Posted by Darryl D Robinson on February 21, 2013 at 9:50 PM

Reverse osmosis systems are great for taking out 98% of everything in your water but there are a number  things you should know first before you trust the salesman at the neighborhood Big Box Store!  First of all, you are going to hear  new water being made and old water going down the drain so if your bedroom is closeby or dripping and gurgling noise bothers you it's best to choose another way to treat your water.  Know that these 'bargain'  systems waste about 8 parts per every 1 part of good water they make and are only three or four stage filtration units.  They remove all the minerals from the water, making it taste flat and giving it an acidic PH for those of you with health concerns. Also, don't forget the maintenance factor.  These filters and membrane  must be changed yearly..   Here is my recommendation.   Call us to professionally install our  high efficiency   model.  You will make more water with mujch less waste down the drain.  Ours  also reintroduces those healthy minerals back into  the water, giving it  a great taste.  Plus, we bring  the PH into the alkaline area, which research shows is much better for your health.   A fifth stage ensures the cleanest, crispest , clearest water.  Call us. We want  to make your first cup of coffee or favorite bevarage a memorable experience!

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