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What's in your city water?

Posted by Darryl D Robinson on January 3, 2016 at 9:35 PM

Ever wonder about the water that goes on and in your body day after day?  Well here is one way easy way to find out what is in your water.  Get on your computer and go to the water department of the municipality that provides your water.  The EPA requires your water provider to issue a water quality report every year. View this and you will see a myriad of contaminants, mostly byproducts of the chlorination process that is supposed to keep our water safe to drink.  Well, yes maybe it kills some of the bacteria and microbes before they get you but just take a look at  what is left over in your water after this process!  So many ppbs of this are safe or so many ppms of this is safe? Really!,  Add all of these different  carcinogens together and you got yourself a lot of ppms of cancer causing carcinogens. Other than heredity, most experts  agree that cancer is caused by bad water we drink, cook, and bathe in(absorbed through our skin) bad things we  eat, or bad environmental factors around us.  So why not  take charge of your water and your life. We have the right water conditioning equipment at the right price to greatly reduce the cancer causing carcinogens in your water.  Call us for a friendly and free no charge estimate!

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