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Water Conditioning 101

Posted by Darryl D Robinson on September 29, 2015 at 2:10 PM

Those of us that have well water have a special challenge.  How in the heck do I make sure it's safe, doesn't stain things, and tastes good.  Well here is what you need to know.  There are four different areas of well water conditioning that need addressed:

  (1)First you have to make sure that it's safe to drink by removing microbes such as virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, cysts and molds. Purify it using an Ultra Violet system or sanitize it with one of our hydrogen peroxide systems.

(2)Secondly you must removing the staining minerals of iron, manganese, and sulfur. Use our new proprietary hydrogen peroxide system or the new Katalox conditioner which also has the benefit of filtering down to 2 microns.

(3)Thirdly, condition your water for hardness. You don't want a crust of calcium and magnesium building up and ruining your water heater. You can use one of our new digital metered salt saving water softeners or our  new salt  and maintenance free water conditioner.

(4)Last of all, you will want to remove any chemicals in the water.  Use our replaceable whole home cartridge filter or our  new maintenance free Centaur Catalytic Carbon system.

Do this and your water will be clear, healthy, and taste so good.  I guarantee it!

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